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Sharon J Stay

Unique Artisan Perfume - 10 ml

"Perfume and oil bring joy to the heart like the wisdom of a good friend's counsel" - Jesus Christ (God).
Discover the wonder of our beautiful unique artisan perfumes for women and men. Each perfume is created lovingly, uniquely and prayerfully (Jesus Christ is LORD and God) for each person. This valuable perfume, once purchased, will not be available for sale to anyone else. They are bespoke and unique just like you or your loved one.  

Each perfume is created using 10 ml of a mix of 100% certified organic essential oils, with no alcohol, formaldehyde or synthetic nasties. Just pure 100% organic essential oils and occasionally a very, very small amount of certified organic carrier oil/s. The perfume vessel is a small glass bottle, unless you order a bespoke artisan perfume vessel. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the bespoke artisan perfume vessels to be made. 

Your artisan perfume is to be worn on your skin only. If there is any skin irritation from applying it to your skin, in very small amounts without a carrier oil, then please apply a small amount of carrier oil to the skin before applying your perfume. Personally, I just apply it directly onto my skin and I have had no difficulty with that for many, many years now.

Artisan Perfumer: Mrs Sharon J Stay (B. Occ Thy UQ) is a very experienced, skilled perfumer.

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