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I believe that Jesus is LORD and that the LORD God - Yahweh created all essential oils and sanctioned their use in healing, prayer and praise. Hence all glory and praise is to go to Him for any blessings these essential oils give. My mission is to sell essential oils to our customers to bless them with God's good gift.

I value purity, honesty, integrity, reliability, fair trade, and sustainable, organic practices. 

I practised as an Occupational Therapist for many years before purposely de-registering to have more time to love my children and family. So much of what I have learned about healthy living God's way has come from caring for my Mother through breast and endometrial cancer, my own health issues and the health of my children. Any comments on this website about health in relation to essential oils are purely my own testimonials. But I will say that nearly everything I have learned, I have learned from Christ Jesus and his Word the Bible.  He is the source of everything good. He is the Healer. Not me. He taught me. I am sure He will teach you if you respectfully ask Him. Bless you!

Mrs Sharon Stay

B. Occ Thy.