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Occupational Therapy (About)

Occupational Therapist: Mrs Sharon J. Stay (B. Occ Thy) U.Q. 1993. Occupational Therapy is holistic and considers the whole person (spirit, soul, mind and strength) during consultation and through out the subsequent development and implementation of any required therapeutic plan. Sharon is a christian, in that she believes that Jesus Christ is God and as such, practices occupational therapy from that perspective. She disagrees with pharmaceutical consumption and has experience in helping families and individuals stop their pharmaceutical consumption/addictions. Sharon is also an experienced home educator having successfully home educated her own children for many years. Occupational Therapy counselling via long distant communication services are available if desired.  

Sharon has occupational therapy clinical experience  with all ages, in a wide variety of areas (cardiac, thoracic, infectious diseases, paediatric, ASD, ADD, mental health, rehabilitation, head injuries, geriatrics, learning difficulties, home assessments, stress management, work rehabilitation, quitting smoking, eating disorders, allergies, individual education plans and therapeutic groups).

'Therapy' comes from the greek word 'therapeuo' . It is used over 40 times in the New Testament. It means to heal or care for the sick so that they heal. The word is applied to Jesus Christ healing the sick many, many times. It is also applied to His apostles and disciples.  


I believe that Christ Jesus is LORD and that the LORD God - Yahweh created essential oils and sanctioned their use in healing, prayer and praise. Hence all glory and praise is to go to Him for any blessings these artisan perfumes give. 

I value love, faith, hope, justice, mercy, compassion, truth, forgiveness, life, Godly wisdom, marriage and family. I am a wife to Mark, and Mum to three beautiful children.

I do not agree with burning our artisan perfumes or incense to any false gods or religions. I am a Christian. I worship, love and serve One God only.

Contact details: Mrs Sharon Stay Ph 07 5498 2272 or mb 0458 177 333

Created in the image of God

Sharon and her husband Mark. 

25 January 2021.