Life Oils
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This is an Australian owned family business. We specialise in producing a wide variety of Australian artisan products and offer both skills in illustration, design, multimedia production and perfumes along with professional expertise in animation and occupational therapy.
Shipping/Postage: We ship/post domestically and internationally using Australia Post pre-paid satchels, with the exception of canvas prints. We will always endeavour to choose the smallest satchel available. Please note, essential oils and artisan perfumes must be shipped by road transport only.
If you are having concerns with the website or it's content, please email us at or alternatively, text us Mb 0458 177 333.
If you would like an appointment, please email us at ensuring you have put which type of appointment you would like in the subject line eg perfume / illustration / animation / website development / occupational therapy.
Hope that blesses you.
Jesus Christ (God) bless,
Mr Mark D. and Mrs Sharon J. Stay.