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Life Oils Artisan Perfume

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Life Oils Artisan Perfume

Artisan Perfumer: Mrs Sharon J Stay (B. Occ Thy UQ)

Discover the wonder of our beautiful artisan perfumes for women and men. Each perfumes is created uniquely and prayerfully for each person. They are not available for sale to anyone else. They are bespoke and unique just like you.
Each perfume is created using 100% organic essential oils, with no alcohol, formaldehyde or synthetic nasties. Just pure essential oils and occasionally a carrier oils.
Sharon is a Christian who delights to do the will of God. Artisan perfumes are created by appointment only. If you would like to purchase an appointment, the cost is $88. The essential oils used in the perfume are an additional expense. Prices will vary depending on perfume ingredients. 

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