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A Cold Recipe - 100% Organic Essential Oils 10 ml

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A Cold Recipe - 100% Organic Essential Oils 10 ml


"This is the essential oil mix I love to use when I have a cough or cold. It reminds me of how Jesus freely answered my desperate prayer for help, many years ago when I was very sick. I wanted an alternative option to pharmaceuticals. I didn't want to use them when I had a cough or cold. I wanted to remain drug free. I knew there were no guarantees it would 100% work. Everyone has to leave this life sometime. I was willing to take the risk and trust Him. I didn't want to trust myself. I wanted to trust Jesus. He is the only giver of eternal life.

You too can pray to Jesus and ask Him for help with your cough or cold. All are welcome to humbly come to Him in prayer and ask for help. There are lots of recipes out there that can help with a cough or cold. Ask Jesus to show you which one is right for you. I don't know that. I am not God. Jesus is. 

Instructions: I usually pop a few drops of the mix in about a tablespoon of organic olive oil and then massage it onto my feet or chest. I find I need the olive oil as a carrier oil, to stop the essential oils stinging my skin." Sharon Stay

Ingredients: Equal parts - Eucalyptus, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme 100% Organic Essential Oils.

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