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Pure Linen Belts

Sharon J Stay

Pure Linen Belts


This is a pure linen top I dyed a beautiful deep red wine colour using a natural plant based dye. I also made a matching belt or sash to go with it. The sash has tassels in a complementary colour. The belts have deep significance in the Bible. I like using complementary colours simply because they remind me that marriage between a man and woman is complementary - meaning that we are both opposites yet designed to go together to complement each other. For God saw that it was not good for a man to be He created woman. :) When my husband and I were married many years ago now, we themed our wedding on the complementary colours of a deep red and a deep green. That's why I like these colours.

If you would like to purchase a pure linen plant dyed sash with tassels, please let me know what colour you would like it to be and what colour you would like the tassels to be also. God bless, Sharon Stay

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