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Raam - 100% Organic Essential Oil Blend 10 ml

Sharon J Stay

Raam - 100% Organic Essential Oil Blend 10 ml


'Raam' means irritated in Biblical Hebrew. This is a blend of 100% organic essential oils that I use when my lungs and bodily systems are really irritated from severe city pollution and city life. Smog, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, diesel exhaust, people coughing on the street, rotting food and vegetation in the gutter.... I have stayed in large cities where the pollution was so severe, you could barely see 100 m away. Within days, I was coughing up a vile black muck, the fruit of the air I was breathing. So this is the perfume I use to help me overcome these hurdles, when the need arises. 

Ingredients: Eucalyptus, thyme, black pepper, lavender 100% organic essential oils.


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